[ 08. Mar 2006 ]

Villawood Detention Centre Protest Easter 2006: April 14-17

Villawood Detention Centre, Australia

Activists from across Australia will converge on Villawood Detention Centre in SW Sydney to collectively voice our opposition to the Howard government's treatment of refugees.


Inspired by previous Easter convergences at Woomera and Baxter, this year we turn our sights on Villawood, where a majority of refugees are now incarcerated: at January 6, there were 263 detainees, 143 of them Chinese. The high rejection rate of Chinese asylum seekers by the RRT (89.6% in 2004-05) is significant, especially with free trade negotiations in train.

V06 call to action: Why converge on Villawood?

  • to show solidarity with people imprisoned for applying for their lawful right to asylum. Join with the detainees inside Villawood IDC in struggling for their freedom --- and for our own.
  • to show your opposition to the blatant disregard of human rights perpetrated by the Howard government.
  • converge at Villawood to show the Australian government your opposition to the war for oil that has displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes.
  • to show your rejection of the free flow of global capital while restricting the freedom of movement of people.
  • to show your solidarity with the indigenous peoples of Australia and their continuing struggle for land rights.
  • to recognise the extra hardship for women refugees in escaping war and danger (there are 31 women in Villawood).
  • to reject the tightening stranglehold on civil liberties, the continuing disregard for the environment and the ever-increasing militarisation of Australia.