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[ 20. May 2006 // letzte änderung: 25. May 2006 ]

Demonstration against racism and police violence

racism kills

Meeting place and time: 9th June 2006, 4 p.m., Westbahnhof, Europaplatz (Vienna). After the demo: 8 p.m. gathering in the city park (Stadtpark). Networking meetings are taking place every Friday.


Racism kills!

This is an appeal to everybody and all groups of people to take action against racism. This is an appeal for collaboration in emphasizing the anger of the present circumstances. This is an appeal for a joint demonstration against the continuous deterioration of living conditions due to restrictive laws for foreigners, and against the repeatedly racist assaults on the part of the police.

It is time to join forces; it's time for us to openly show our resentment and to concentrate on our commonalities rather than on our contradictions.
Are you angry, too? Then come and join us!

Networking meetings every Friday at 7 p.m. in the office space on the second floor of the EKH in Wielandgasse 2-4, 1100 Vienna (take the underground U1 to Keplerplatz to get there).

Contact: nofin (at)

Demonstration against racism and police violence!

In Austria, as well as in every other EU country, many people's lives are affected by internments and deportation, racist and often violent harassments by the police, restrictive foreigner laws and everyday racism in all areas of life.

We are calling for an angry and clamorous demonstration against the prevailing racist conditions:

Friday, 9th June 2006 in Vienna
Meeting place and time: 4 p.m., Westbahnhof /Europaplatz
After the demo: 8 p.m. manifestation in the Stadtpark


Material for the demo - view it, print it out and make some copies!

Poster: :: Call for the Demonstration against racism and police violence (en/fr/de) :: pdf-download (en)

only german:
:: Poster - low resolution (.jpeg)
:: Poster - high resolution, printable (.jpeg, A4)
:: Flyer - front, low resolution, 1 copy (.jpeg)
:: Flyer - front, high resolution/ printable, 4 copies (.jpeg, A4)

To listen:
:: Radio jingle of the anti-racism demonstration on 9th June 2006 in Vienna (de|en|fr) :: listening mp3

To view:
:: Videoclip for the demonstration on 9th of June 2006

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