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[ 21. May 2006 ]

Norway: Activities against the deportation of Afghan refugees

Call from Norway: We will prevent the deportation of 2000 afghan refugees.


The Norwegian government, Afghan government and UNHCR, have recently signed an agreement to send back Afghanistan refugees, and the Norwegian government declared that if Afghan refugees do not return to their country voluntarily until 26 of May 2006 the Norwegian police will deport them by direct flight. There was a similar agreement on August 2005, which resulted in a series of Afghan Refugees demo.

To oppose and condemn this inhuman agreement and because Afghanistan is not safe and every day tens of people lose their life because of the ongoing war countrywide, because Afghanistan government is made of war criminals, Islamic fundamentalists and big drug dealers, because there is no freedom of thought and belief and the communists and atheists are clearly deprived of their right to life constitutionally , because the women, in the law and daily life, are the zero level citizens , because we do not want to return to the hand of our killers….

And toward reaching these aims:

  • Immediately stop of deportation program
  • The right to stay here for all afghan refuges that were waiting for so many yeas in the refugee camps
  • The right of learning and going to school for all of those who are waiting for their answers.

We will organize the following:
  • Boycotting he UDI's information meeting in all refugee camps around the country
  • Demonstrating in Oslo, from communal department toward Afghanistan embassy with a short stop in front of the parliament on 22 of May 2006, 12 to 15
  • Playing street theatre during the 22 of may demo

If the Norwegian government do not comply with our demands, before reaching the deadline (26 of May), we will start massive hunger strike (hundreds of refugees) with no time limitation.

Contact: Zahir Athari, zaherat (at)