[ 28. Jun 2007 ]

Greek: Protest in Diavata prison

Diavata prison

In the early morning of Sunday, 24. June 2007, prisoners from all 3 wings of the Diavata prison in Thessaloniki, revolted, in protest for the asphyxiating conditions, due to the high temperature. The protest lasted for about half an hour and ended after a succesful compromise with the Administration.


In particular, they mentioned that the temperature at night reached 50 degrees, in cells where there is 1 to 1,5 square meter per detainee.

It worths mentioning that the state of terror, imposed by the administration, includes the everyday cut of the water supply, at 15.00-21.00. The death of a detainee, under unidentified circumstances, last week, was mentioned to be because of thermal shock but it hasn't been confirmed. Detainees' requests include medical treatment, which is practically inexistent. They also ask that detainees are not maltreated, beaten up, constantly humiliated, and threatned.

According to reports, extremely hard are the conditions in Avlona and Koridalos prison, as well as in other prisons, due to the over-population, the insufficient medical treatment and the miserable hospitalization conditions.

Source :: Indymedia Athens

Malandrino prison revolt in April

In the morning of Monday 23/4, prisoners at the prison of Malandrino in Fokida, mainland Greece, revolted. The spark igniting the revolt was the beating of anarchist prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis as well as the vicious, violent response of the guards to the protests staged by his co-prisoners.

Disgraceful holding conditions, lack of water, regular beatings, electronic surveillance and the extremely short times allowed at the yard comprise a grim reality for the Malandrino prisoners.

The revolt of Malandrino ignited a series of other revolts in prisons across the country: there is now unrest in at least eleven prisons. Latest info (12.30GMT, April 25) indicates that riot police have entered two prisons (Korydallos in Athens and Patras). There are reports of 250 prisoners still standing on the rooftop of the Malandrino prison, with another 50 at Corfu and Alicarnassos.

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