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Gatwick No Border Camp 2007

demonstration against new gatwick detention centre, 21 apr 2007

From 19th to 24th of September 2007 a noborder camp will take place at Gatwick Airport near London.


As the government started to build a :: new immigration prison (Brook House at Gatwick Airport, near Crawley), the :: No Border Camp is getting :: closer: Sept 19-24. Among the :: various actions announced, Saturday, the 22nd, will see a :: demonstration from Crawley to Tinsley House, the already existing immigration prison at Gatwick, next to the planned site of the new centre. There will be workshops both :: at the camp and at :: Goldsmith University the week before, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the :: Battle of Lewisham.

Days after the Home Office :: told refugees "We'll do everything we can to send you home", 26 migrant prisoners :: escaped from Campsfield, Oxfordshire, following days of protests. The riot was the latest episode in the migrants struggle inside detention after the :: Harmondsworth riots last November.

Relentless protests, both inside adn outside detention, have managed to put many detention and deportation profiteers on the map. On 17 August, activists :: occupied the office of XL Airways in Crawley to protest against the charter airline's role in forecul deportations on behalf of the Home Office. Several :: demonstrations have been announced for August 28th to protest against a planned charter flight to :: deport a number of rejected asylum seekers to DR Congo.

Two years of No Borders UK

It was before the G8 2005 in Scotland that initiatives started to network around the issues of Freedom Of Movement in the UK again. A :: Make Borders History demo took place in Glasgow during the :: 2005 G8 summit in Scotland, calling at several institutions and companies involved in the Border Regime. Shortly after the G8, actvists forced the YMCA to :: withdraw from an "ayslum slavery Scheme".

Durnig the following year, No Borders groups were set up all over the country, in :: London, Brighton, Cardiff, :: Nottingham, Leeds and other cities. Regular demonstrations targeted immigration reporting centres and as well as detention centres.

The year 2006 saw the first UK-wide :: No Borders Gathering in London (on 11-12 March) at the Square Social Centre. Exactly one year later, :: another gathering was held in Glasgow at the :: Unity centre. The initiatives naturally had different focal points, from fighting against dawn raids [:: 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6], anti-deportation actions (e.g. in :: Leeds ), campaigning against the :: point-based system, to solidarity with migrant workers (e.g. :: justice for cleaners) and, of course, demonstrations at :: immigration prisons. In :: Glasgow, people started :: Unity, a union of by and for asylum seekers. In London, Harmondsworth became :: another focus of protests as well as building up :: practical support for detainees. The :: October 7th Network organised a demonstration in London as part of the :: Transnational Day Of Action for migrants' rights. However, when the Home Office disclosed plans to build a new immigration prison at Gatwick, the new :: Brook House became a focus for the whole network.

The upcoming No Border Camp is organised by No Borders groups from Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Nottingham, Sheffield and Cardiff and supported by :: Barbed Wire Britain, Unity, Feminist Against Borders, West Midlands Antifa, :: Sex Workers Union, Vapaa Liikkuvuus (freedom of movement-group in Finland), :: Campaign to Close Campsfield, :: No One Is Illegal, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and many more.

Upcoming events in the next few weeks include:

Events During The No Border Camp:

Thursday, 20th September
Welcome Demonstration - Crawley Town Centre, 5pm-7pm. To inform people about and invite them to participate in the No Border Camp.

Friday, 21st September:
Gathering at Lunar House, the Home Office reporting centre in East Croydon, 10am-2pm. A convergeance between those who have papers and those who don't; information-sharing, exchanging stories, food and music.

Saturday 22nd September
Transnational Demonstration at Tinsley House detention dentre at Gatwick, 12pm-2pm. Tinsley House, which has a capacity of 146, was the first purpose-built detention centre in the UK. The new planned Gatwick detention centre is to be built close by.

Later that day, groups will present their work and experiences in a Transnational Forum at the camp.

Announced workshops so far include ones with migration controls, ID Cards, practical support of people in detention, the political situation in the Middle East, alternative media, experiences from campaigns against companies and much more.

Migrating University
:: Migrating University is a set of workshops at Goldsmith University in the week before the No Border Camp.

Indymedia at the No Border Camp
As usual, IMC UK will be present at the No Border Camp. There will a public access tent, help with publishing and image processing, as well as workshops about alternative media.

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