[ 28. May 2010 ]

Demonstration after racist killing in Warsaw - solidarity begins

Stop brutalnos Policji

On Monday, May 24thin Warsaw a spontaneous anti-racist demonstration took place as a reaction to the brutal racist murder committed by the police on May 23rd of 2010.


Around 150 activists and migrants gathered during the protest initiated by Związek Syndykalistów Polskich (The Association of Polish Syndycalists). After a few short speeches delivered near the Stadium bus station the gathering changed into a demonstration, and everybody went along Grochowska street (briefly blocking it) to the police station on Grenadierów street, where - according to unclear police statements - the persons arrested after Sunday's killing where being held.

People passing by and local residents joined the marching group. The demonstrators walked along Grochowska street blocking one rail. They were shouting: "The police has blood on their hands", "Police protects rich against poor", "Stop racism and police brutality". After about 20 minutes they approached the police station on Grenadierów Street (where the officer who fired the lethal shot works).

Here, representatives of the Nigerian community in Poland ardently condemned the police behavior that led to the tragic murder. They spoke out against racist police mentality and demanded justice. Representatives of the Polish community vowed their support in this struggle. Demonstrators further spoke out against the mechanisms of categorizing persons of the "wrong" skin color as criminals, as well as on the institutional racism of companies like FRONTEX- financed collectively by the EU member states to police Europe's external borders and to make certain that as few people as possible make it accross alive- which has its headquarters in Warsaw.

Police officers recorded the entire demonstration using handycams, and - as they usually do - attempted to threaten participants by checking documents and writing down personal information. Some of police officers were drunk, and refused to show their police badges.

Although the demonstration wasn't registered, it was legal: according to an opinion of the Constitutional Tribunal, spontaneous demonstrations taking place without a City permit are legal if such a permit, in exceptional circumstances, was not possible to be obtain in time. Such were the circumstances in the case of Sunday's brutal police murder, which demanded immediate reaction.

Article by Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej, ::, 24. May 2010