[ 29. May 2010 ]

Further protests after the killing of Maxwell Itoya

Our system murders migrants. Police kill in Warsaw - May 23, 2010

After the killing during a police raid in Warsaw on May 23, 2010, protests took place in Warsaw. Collected information from a solidarity webpage on further protests and a call to support.


Public action in memory of Max on 29. May 2010

On Saturday, May 29th at 19:30 the residents of Warsaw will rename the plaza in front of the PKS Stadion station (next to where the police shooting took place), in honor of Maxwell Itoya, so as to comemorate his life and tragic death. Come and light a candle!

Protest on 30. May 2010

The demonstration the will take place on Sunday, May 30th 2010 is organized in expression of our outrage at the police murder of Maxwell Itoya, a Pole of Nigerian origin. We want to show our solidarity and state clearly that the verion of events presented by the police is false.

The demonstration will start on Sunday, 30.05 at 10:00 am near the site of the murder (meet at the PKS Stadion station). Here we will light candles and lay flowers. In the station tunnel - at the spot where Max was shot down - a slideshow will be projected to commemorate Max's life. Next we will walk down Targowa street to the Aleja Solidarności (very symbolically- the Alley of Solidarity), across the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge and to the Zamkowy square. Later we will proceed down Senatorska street to the Bankowy plaza, next to the City Hall and finally to the Mostowski Palace- the Main Police Station, where the demonstration will end.

We urge all Warsaw residents to attend. Let's express our solidarity and say "stop" to police brutality and repression of immigrants. Come one and all!

Financial support

Please support Maxwell's family (Monika's account number below). W0e appeal for solidarity against this obvious act of racism and police violence. You find Monika's account number here

Send a petition to the Prime Minister

The following letter was written by a few persons interested in the situation of the victims of the events that took place last Sunday, May 23rd. We urge everyone to take a stand by sending the letter above (send the Polish version please, to find here: to MSWiA (The Polish Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration).

The Polish language letter can be sent to the following addresses:
kontakt (at)
kancelaria.glowna (at) (Press Bureau of the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administration)
wswip (at) (Department of Complaints and Petitions of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister)

Warsaw, May 25th 2010

Dear Prime Minister,

In relation to the the tragic event that took place in Warsaw on May 23rd, 2010, I write to ask for your intervention in this case, so as to ensure the timely, transparent and detailedexplication of the circumstances of the death of 36 year-old Maxwell I.
This past Sunday died a human being, a husband, a father of 3 children. He was unarmed. Witnesses to the event- other than the police- assure that this person had neither been aggressive, nor had exhibited any dangerous behaviors that could have justified the police reaction that resulted in his death. It is important to underline here, that this is not the first instance of brutal police actions toward persons of a different skin color.

This tragic event reveals yet again that the Polish state, which prides itself on its multicultural tradition, is unable to handle the actual and ever-growing multiculturalism that is a natural social process. In care for the future, good name and image of this country as well as Polish society, I demand:

-The objective and transparent explanation of this tragedy;
-The unconditional prosecution of guilty persons;
-Care for the family of the victim of this brutal police action;
-Explanations in the case of more than thirty citizens of African countries who were arrested and charged with assault on police officers;
-Public rejection of the outragous and racist statements and commentaries that have accompanied accounts of the event.

I also call for taking steps to bring about a systemic solution to the problems of discrimination and racism that are all too often experienced by persons of a different skin color. Significantly, these very problems are experienced not only by foreigners, but also by citizens of Poland.

I desire to live in a country where no one is above the law, where all people are treated equally and justly, and where government institutions serve to defend citizens, rather than to persecute them.

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