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[ 19. Jan 2011 ]

Call for support to the 300 migrant workers hunger strike in Greece


The Solidarity Assembly to the Migrants' Hunger Strike calls for support of the hunger strike of 300 migrants in Athens and Thessaloniki, which will start on 25th of January 2011.


In this period economic crisis and neoliberal attack to labour and social rights in greece, we face also a generalized attack to migrants' rights, a broad campaign of PASOK government and the mass media to use migrants as scapegoats of social insecurity, unemployment and "criminality". Frontex Regional Office in Piraeus, Rabits operation in Evros and Poseidon in Aegean Sea, the "screening procedures", mass deportations to Turkey and the wall against migration in the land borders with Turkey describe the racist policies of repression and criminalization of migration, the establishment of a new european Apartheid.

In this context, 300 migrants decided start a big hunger strike in both Athens and Thessaloniki, on January 25th, 2011. The claim of the hunger strike is a new regularization procedure, the "Legalization of all migrants". It is the bigger hunger strike happened in greece and probably in europe and is taking place in a period of rising racism. Under these circumstances we need all the possible solidarity.

The Solidarity Assembly to the Migrants' Hunger Strike calls for support of the hunger strike. They ask for international positive publicity as the greek media will certainly try to underestimate the issue. People can write their own statements in support of the hunger strikers and their demands, too. Or you take part in an action week in solidarity to the striking migrants. People from all over Europe are invited to travel to Greece to state their solidarity.