[ 30. Apr 2011 ]

Trail §278a: Let's go to Wr. Neustadt on 2nd of May 2011

Smash §278a

After more then one year the trila against 13 animal right activists in Wr. Neustadt will come to an end. A call for action and solidarity.


Years of spying, surveillance, house searches, arrests, more than 3 months of pre-trial custody and now - after more than one year of trial - the sudden attempt to render a quick judgement against the 13 animal rights activists. Themed "After the Trial is before the Trial..." we are going to make it clear that independent from what kind of sentence the judge is going to deliver, the stolen time, the uncertainty and fears entailed by such a huge strike of repression will and cannot be made up for.

Repression is not an individual case but part of the system, an attempt to silence and lock up "disagreeable, critical voices" and can hit anyone.

This is why we are calling for demonstrations in Vienna, Wiener Neustadt and everywhere else on "Day X", the day the sentence is proclaimed. Watch out for further information, come up with your own ideas and show the state that independent of what the sentence will be like, we are offering resistance against a jurisdiction that imprisons our comrades, files law suits against them and tries to silence our protests.

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

  • from 8:30am on, Manifestation in front of the court/Wr. Neustadt, trial starts at 9am
    Take a train together: departure Wien Meidlung 07.02 am or 08.02 am
  • 7pm, University Vienna, Uni Rampe: Demonstration against the state and judiciary: "After the Trial is before the Trial!"

We remain resistant! After the Trial is before the Trial! Every day against the state and repression! Solidarity is a weapon!

Come numerously and participate! The more, the more creative, the better! We remain undaunted!

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