[ 02. Dec 2012 ]

Suicide of a refugee in Kostelec nad Orlici

Today, December 1st, 2012, one refugee suicide himself in a refugee camp in Kostelec nad Orlici in Czech Republic.


There was a request of a refugee in Czech Republic to spread the following information:

Where is human rights, where is humanity? I request if anyone has the possibility to distribute this news which is about injustice and bad siuation of refugees in Czech Republic. The name of the camp is Kostelec nad Orlicí and the address is rude armadi 1000 in Czech Republic.

The person who suicide was from Iraq and this was the third suicide in this place. The other two refugees who tried to suicide were from Belarus and Iran, but they survived. The migration office is always hiding such kind of news and please give attention to this place and this situation to save lives of refugees.