[ 31. Jan 2013 ]

A notable address from the Chocha rejected asylum seekers to the public

The protesting refugees from the Choucha camp criticise the policy of the UNHCR during their protests in Tunis.

For the past three days and nights, the rejected asylum seekers embark on the struggle for the justifications of our case files and for the UNHCR to grant fairness and equality to our asylum claims, where by giving to us the asylum protection.


Yesterday (29th of January 2013) one of the UNHCR member who spoke with us in his terms "the UNHCR WILL NOT REVISIT ITS DECISION" after our demands made known to them. But the point of argument is "WE ARE NOT LEAVING THE PLACE, NOT UNTIL OUR DEMANDS ARE MET".

The manifestation continues and the UNHCR has to correct all the "COMPLICATED" mistakes during our interviews.

Its is sad to say,but this is nothing than the truth.Many people getting involved on the issue,in the name and image of being part of the struggle "ARE" not in it, THEY ARE FAR" from the reality as the situation implies on us. WE ARE ASYLUM SEEKERS, not "MIGRANTS" our files under the custody of the UNHCR are there to prove and this is what our second point of arguments.

To all the journalist, press and media visiting the scene,in terms of your publications,do write what this struggle is all about,not mixing our issues up with your singular idea, neither wrong terms nor their interest. We are not in favor of this.Counting on our manifestation, we are still THERE.


Source ::, 30. Jan 2013

Third day of protest

Today, Wednesday, 30th of January 2013, is the third day of protest in front of the UNHCR offices in Tunis. The protesting refugees from Choucha continue to stay and sleep in front of the offices to emphasize their demands. The 91 refugees, among them families and children, have now split up in two groups, as to be present at the front and the backdoor of the offices. This gives them the possibility that each UNHCR staff member going to work is being reminded that there is a great number of asylum seekers left without any prospects for their future. Luckily, there has not been any repression bothering the protest. A military convoy passed by in the night from tuesday to wednesday only requesting some information in a friendly manner. Not only journalists have been interested to learn about the protest and the demands, two politicians have visited the protest camp today inviting a delegation for a discussion. Although the protesters were turned down on tuesday by a UNHCR representative, who told the delegation of refugees that there will be no revision of their cases, they say that "WE ARE NOT LEAVING THE PLACE, NOT UNTIL OUR DEMANDS ARE MET".

Source ::, 30. Jan 2013