[ 26. Jul 2003 ]

Report on antiracist activities in Vienna in memory of Seibane Wague

Since the death of Seibane Wague several antiracist actions took place in Vienna.


On Friday, 25 July 2003 at 5 p.m. 3000 - 4000 people gathered in Vienna to protest against institutionalized racism and in memory of Seibane Wague, killed on July 16 in Vienna. The demonstration went to the African Cultural Village in the Vienna City Park, where the killing happened.

On Monday, July 21, there was a vigil from 10 o"clock in the morning onward in front of the Ministry of the Interior by the Herrengasse.

On Friday, 18 July 2003, at 9 o"clock in the morning, about 50 people gathered at the African Cultural Village. About 45 people left the Cultural Village and marched down the Herrengasse toward the Ministry of the Interior. The police let the spontaneous demonstration go down the street without any problems. Shortly after 10 o"clock, about 70 people had gathered in front of the Ministry of the Interior. People distributed handbills with photos of Seibane Wague, candles and flowers were set up in front of the entrance to the ministry of the Interior.

In the demo, people chanted slogans like, "Police kill!", "Black and White, unite and fight!", "Stop racist muderers!" etc. The vigil continued outside the Ministry of the Interior until about 6 in the evening.

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