[ 06. Aug 2003 ]

Demonstration in memorial of Seibane Wague (report)

Stop Racism-Banners on the Demonstration

Vienna, Friday 25th of July 2003: Thousands protested in memorial of Seibane Wague and against institutionalised racism. Seibane was assassinated on 15th of July 2003.


On 25th of July 2003 approximately at 6pm the demonstration marched from Vienna Westbahnhof (western railway station) heading to the Ministry of Interior (1st district). The people demonstrated in commemoration of Seibane and to protest against racism and state terror. Racism, which seems to be a part of European constitutions, has already been costed innumerable people"s lives, is still exposing daily. The consequences of racism - which is also spread by the state - became now visible for many people once more ...

It was experienced that the slogan "solidarisieren mitmarschieren" (solidarity means to join the demonstration) was actually taken up by people on the streets. Demonstrators spoke with passers-by and invited them to join protest against the assassination of their "brother". Above all the concerned Africans followed the call. The participants in the demonstration were getting more and more.

With slogans like "police murderer" - "NO Justice, NO Peace" - "solidarity against racism" the demonstration marched to the Ministry of Interior. During some acrobatic act, a poster was attached to the balcony of the Ministry, with the message to all: "STOP RACISM!".
Eggs were thrown at the sign of the interior department and the building was posted full with stickers against racism. Police cars standing on the side became decorated with posters and announced the statements of the activists for a short time.

At Stephansplatz, in the center of Vienna, an enunciation took place. The increased crowd of some 6000 people listened to the speeches of Seibanis friends.

The emotional tendency continued to march with songs of Bob Marley to the African Cultural Village at Stadtpark (municipal park), where Seibane was murdered by the police in co-operation with the rescue team.

...the assassination of Seibane, the daily racism, is carried also by us (by our silence). And can be stopped only by us!

The protests will keep on moving!