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[ 18. Oct 2015 ]

Updates from the borders, 17. Oct 2015, 22:00

Updates from the borders and migration routes in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. Border between Hungaria and Croatia has been closed. The migration route is now threw Croatia and Slovenai to Austria.


- Hungarian border has been closed at midnight. Zakany train station and other transit places has been closed. Last refugees also passed through Hegyeshalom/Nickelsdorf tonight.

The Hungarian part of refugee odyssey is over. There aren't enough words of thanks for our Hungarian friends for their endless efforts, help and kindness they provided refugees during the past months. Keleti, Röszke, Zakany, Hegyeshalom and others will remain in our memories as places of eternal humanity of Hungarian volunteers. When you'll turn back anytime in the future and think about 2015, you could feel pride of what you achieved, despite the hostile environment of your government. This is a huge inspiration for all of us. And I'm sure we will meet again and I'm thrilled that many of you already pledged to be ready to help elsewhere - even no one of us would feel offended if you take a rest for a while after your hard work. Definitely - you are the ones who saved the reputation of your country.

- Migration Aid already asks anyone to stop delivering foods and clothes to their warehouses until next steps will be resolved. Please follow their facebook for next updates.

- Big thanks goes also to all volunteers in Nickelsdorf in Austria, who were integral part of the hungarian route from the very beginning.

Slovenia Situation

- As expected, Croatia and Slovenia agreed on rerouting refugees via Slovenia to Austria. There are some conditions set by Slovenia - only 2500 refugees daily will be accepted and only if Austria will continue accepting them. First refugees managed to get through to Austria already.

- Refugees are being transported from Tovarnik (CRO) to Čakovec, and from there to three entry points:
Čakovec / Središče ob Dravi (train)
Gruškovje / Macelj (road)
Mursko Središce / Petišovci (road)

On all of these entry points there will be registration of refugees and also there are already some facilities like tents, as you can see here: . UNHCR and other NGOs already there, we still wait for confirmation if any volunteering/donations help needed there.

Serbia - Presevo

- Waiting hours for refugees to be registered again increased. Sufficient volunteers for now, but it goes down a bit during a weekdays. Info line for those volunteers who are on their way to Preševo +381 642 653 479.

- Raincoats still needed there.

- Youth center Preševo is running out of the funds. They spend 650 euro a day for purchasing food and water for refugees and their sources are limited. If you are able to donate any funds, please send them via to xhelal_hasani (at) or email him about wire transfer.

Croatia/Serbia - Bapska/Berkasovo

- Weekend is covered by lot of volunteers, but weekdays are more needed so prepare your way during the week if you can. Place for children to play with has been set up and also some musicians appeared, so the situation got better when volunteers have enough time for such an non-essential activities. Rain and cold anyway, so gloves, scarfs, hats, chilrden warm clothes and shoes are always needed, as well as raincoats.

- More comprehensive update will follow on Sunday night.

Source ::, 17. Oct 2015.