[ 19. Oct 2015 ]

Info by No Border Zagreb on the 'new' migration route

Since Hungary effectively closed its border for migrants the route has been redirected by the Croatian state towards Slovenia. Slovenian government agreed to allow the passage as long as Austria and Germany keep their borders open, but only for up to 2500 persons per day (although, on saturdey they took in some 3600). This is supposedly the number for which they have a capacity to accommodate/process/transfer.


This would effectively mean a slowdown, as the average number of people crossing from Serbia to Croatia in the last weeks was around 5000 people per day. The consequences of this approach were felt from the first day: Croatian side slowed down the flow from the border with Serbia, which results in hundreds and eventually thousands of people stranded in the area of Sid/Berkasovo/Bapska/Tovarnik for longer and longer periods of time.

So, in a way, while we expected the worst case scenario of the chain-closings of the borders, we are seeing the effect of not the complete closure but a slowdown instead. While the part of the route on Croatia-Slovenia-Austria part seems to be going well for now (see the report from Slovenia below) as it is organised by state actors - with limited or no access for independent activists and taking away any autonomy of the migrants, we will see how the situation will develop on Croatia-Serbia border.

Already on Sunday we see desperate calls for volunteers from the area of Sid and Bapska, as a lot of activities moved to the area of Presevo where the needs were greater over the previous week. Even the RC in Opatovac camp seem to be in need for more volunteers. However, it looks like croatian government will only allow the crossing of a certain number of people from serbian side, for which they can provide accommodation space in the camp(s). After that, the same as Slovenia with Austria, the will allow in the same number of people as Slovenia takes in...

Article by No Border Zagreb.