[ 22. Oct 2015 ]

Update on the situation on the Austrian border, 20. Oct 2015, 17:00h

After Hugary closed the border to Croatia, more and more people arriving in the south of Austria in Styria. Here you find updates from Spielfeld and Bad Radkersburg border crossings.


Spielfeld border crossing

Here the same procedure takes place like weeks ago: people are being held up in no man's land (a small area between the border points) until the group is big enough, then they can pass the border to Austria without further obstructions by the Austrian police.
There are two tents, one with farsi/dari interpreters, one with arab interpreters. There, people are being registered.
There is a big warm tent where the army caters hot soup and tea.
Generally, so far, behaviour from the police and army towards the people has been reported as o.k. and without physical violence.
From Spielfeld, people are brought to temporary facilities near Graz. Today, there was the absurd little number of only 10 busses deployed for these transports, meaning that people had to wait a long time. It is unclear whether this is just bad organisation or conscious strategy by the Austrian state to slow down the movement.

Bad Radkersburg border crossing

While on Tuesday morning, 20. Oct 2015, around 3500 people crossed at the Spielfeld crossing, only 780 people crossed at Bad Radkersburg. People have to wait in line between fences and wait for the busses who as well will transport them to temporary facilities same as in Spielfeld. There is Red Cross on site who are handing out some food and also have spare clothing.


Austria is preparing for further inflow of people, building various temporary facilities (including tent cities with heating system and medical infrastructure) in the regions close to the borders. Police are also preparing for a new possible entrance spot at the corinthian part of Austria (to the west of the current 2 border points), even though crossing there without visa is right now still considered illegal.

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