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[ 11. Nov 2015 ]

Information for Refugees in Belgrade

Here some information about the current situation for refugees in Belgrade, Serbia.


Getting registered

Depending on where people have crossed the Serbian border, they might have already gotten a registration paper that allows them to stay in Serbia for 72 hours. If they don't have such kind of a paper they might be stopped by the police and it be difficult to cross the Serbian-Croatian border.

General information on Belgrade

Most people in Belgrade come from the Bulgarian border (Dimitrovgrad) or the Macedonian border (Preševo). They arrive at the bus or train station. There are two parks close to the stations. In the first park there is a small information hut which hands out information from the UNHCR and other big organizations. There are phone charging possibilities and free WiFi at the info hut. Some meters away is also a container run by the Red Cross that hands out lunch packages. It's possible to see medical staff in the container of the UNHCR, which is located on the opposite side of the park. You can also get (free) clothes, shoes, hygienic stuff, diapers, food in Mixalishte (Mostarska 5).
It's open until 4 p.m.

Staying overnight in Belgrade

There is a camp (Krnjaca), which is 30 minutes by bus from the city center. You can stay in the camp only with the registration papers. Buses to the camp leave from the second (smaller) park near the bus and train station. The last bus to the camp is leaving at 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.. It is possible to stay in the camp up to three days or to prolong your stay. Being in the camp means to enter the Serbian asylum system. This won't have any effect on an asylum application in an EU-country. The condition in the camp differ a lot – sometimes it's crowded, sometimes it's empty, sometimes there's no heating, food seems to be OK.

There is also hostel that is offering for 25 people per night to stay for free. It is possible to get information about this at the info hut.

Leaving Belgrade

There is a busagency at the corner close to the second park, down the sign „Hotel“. There you can buy bus tickets to Šid at the croatian border for 10 Euros. These busses are very much recommended from local independent activists as they go very close to the train station in Šid. There are around 4 busses per day. The info hut might be also able to pay for bus tickets if people don't have money.