[ 22. Mar 2006 ]

Repression in Italy

many cells

Since more than one year now, Italian anarchists and other social rebels are facing an hard wave of repression. Target have been mostly anarchists, but not only them, since especially lately a lot of antifascists have been targeted.


This is not meant as during the time before the state apparatus would have been quiet, that's never true, but simply in the last year comrades over there faced an enormous number of operations directed to criminalized the struggles that the people were bringing forward, from the struggle against detention centers for refugees, to the anti prison struggles.

Target of this operations have been mostly anarchists, but not only them, since especially lately a lot of antifascists have been targeted.

International solidarity actions occurred to happen ,mostly in Greece and Spain, and in the latter case people over there faced an incredible repression because of their solidarity to Italian anarchists, just underlining how interesting target they seems to be to police all around..

Not as last, some of the anarchists targeted are actively involved with the Italian Anarchist Black Cross activities, showing again how the activity of our network and, as well, of other prisoner support/anti prison groups, have apparently always a "good scent" for international repressive autorithies.

We are gonna try to give a short summary of the last year events, aiming to give people around an idea of the actual situation there, but avoiding any deeper analysis. The summary will go following a merely chronological order.

What is absolutely necessary to say and underline, is that, in all this operations against the anarchists, the justice and the police are trying to criminalize the form of "affinity groups": the article "270bis", which normally stood for the "classical" subversiv association towards terrorism has been lastly modified, in order to include affinity groups inside it.

They assume that the groups against whom they carried these operations are based on a double level: first public level, which would involve organizing demo, info events and especially anti prison events (this aspect had been always underlined from police), and second level that would see the "affinity groups" carrying on some violent attacks, sometimes federated with other affinity groups. They see this as constitutive practice of the "anarcho insurrectionalists", who are seen now, in Italy but not only, as the political evil, really often put on the same level of the radical Islamic terrorism: at least in Italy, in all the informative papers of the anti terrorism police, the 2 of them are seen, at the moment, as the most active and dangerous phenomena.

Just to name one thing, as we are writing this broschure, the italian ROS (the special repart of carabinieri), in an operation in connection with the netherland police, arrested on the 16.1 Rose Ann Scrocco, anarchist on the run for long time, and sentenced to 30 years, another victim of the Marini trial, and listed from italian autorithies in the list of the 30 most wanted people on the run.

The membership to the F.A.I., Anarchist Informal Federation, a network of clandestine groups active in Italy since few years, which brought together different groups that are operating in Italy since 2000, is one the excuses which brought a lot of comrades in jail, even though with absolutely any proof…but this is how justice normally works, isn't it?

Lastly, it s important to understand, than, that with this affinity groups theorema it s maybe just a question of time before most of us would find themselves in jail, since apparently it is gonna be enough to share some friendship and political ideas with few other fellows to be found part of a terrorist organization.

Like always, stays up to our "creativity" to face this situation, showing solidarity to the people imprisoned, as well as fighting forward not letting us being frightened from all their ways of repression, being focus both on prisoner's support/anti prison struggle, as well as keeping on being dedicated to our daily insurrection.

In this sense, is also really important to remember how the italian autorithies always underlined the "existence" of a southern european insurrectionary triangle, meaning Italy, Spain and Greece.

Sadly, the lack of solidarity actions towards italian anarchists in the rest of Europe, might just be another kind of proof in the accusatory castle: it is, once again, up to us, to show that it is not just of a "triangle" that the system has to fear of, but of every single individual trampling on the earth's ground....

Forever in struggle - Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, January 2006.

This is the introduction of the booklet "Repression against Anarchists and Atifacists in Italy" from :: Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, published in February 2006.