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[ 31. May 2007 ]

G8: Call for global infopoint network

global infopoint network

Spaces already forming in Berlin, Mataro(Cat), Sao Paulo, Vienna ...


In conjunction to the alternative media material that has already started coming out of Germany about whats going on, we want to encourage the setting up of a network of nodal infopoints outside of the protest area for people in their local area to be able to go to and find out first hand whats going on...

A WIKI has been set up as main space for letting us know if a new infopoint has been set up. The wiki also includes as much radio, tv and film links as we know of.

International infopoints already formed or forming...

Convergence Space Berlin
As a part of the mobilization against the G8 summit (June 6th to 8th in Heiligendamm) the Convergence Space Berlin starts on May 21st.
Convergence means to come closer: the aim of CS is to provide space for activists and population to approach each other, converge, interchange and create action.

Mataro contra G8:
As the International mobilisation against the G8 is starting to happen, in Mataro, Catalunya (Spain) a local infopoint has been set up as a focal point for info dissemenation, films, live radio, G8 TV, discussions.... in CSOA La Fibra, a very large squatted factory turned into anarcho social centre, 30 minutes from Barcelona.

Sao Paulo Brasil
in jun7 we are organizing a activity in Sao Paulo (Brazil) at an building that has been occupied ("invaded", by corporate midia words) by homeless people (so it's a kind of european "squats"). The building "Prestes Maia" is the biggest vertical territory occupied by social movements of the Latin America. (and soon will be descontinued because the government promissed offer home to homeless)

from 04. - 08. Jun 2007 daily from 5 pm @ Wipplingerstrasse 23, 1010 Vienna
You can find there computers, printer, material for banners, Beamer, Internet, and more. You are welcome to participate and get information on the G8 protests.

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Mataro contra G8

IMC-BCN : Mataro Contra G8 : local infopoint for alternative media 6 -8 June

Sao Paulo Brasil
IMC-BRASIL: 7/6 contra-G8 |ação Brasil- São Paulo| na ocupação Prestes Maia

Indymedia (is back)
Legal support and bordercrossing

for all other infos relating to the G8 and IMC media support go to:
G8 ... indymedia needs YOU!:

G8 Radio 2007 and Tv
Radio during the G8
Flash Radio: interview teams will cover the alternative summit, blockades, actions and workshops, but will also deliver audible portraits of groups and individuals who have come to campaign and work for change. daily half hour podcast summarys will go out at 10pm CET.

TV during the G8
g8-tv is already transmitting from Germany
SPAMSTOPPER.fuspey (at)