[ 28. Jun 2007 ]

Concerned Nigerians Worldwide Protest Against Death

Osamuyia Aikpitanhi

Concerned Nigerians (CNW) are planning to protest the maltreatment and subsequent death of Mr. Osamuyia Aikpitanhi at 12.00 noon local time on the 29th of June 2007 at Spanish embassies in over 20 Countries worldwide.


Mr. Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, a Nigerian immigrant died aboard an Iberia aircraft traveling from Madrid to Lagos. The cause of his death has been attributed to the measures employed by Spanish authorities during the process of deporting him. These included binding his hands and legs firmly with ropes, putting a gag over his mouth and covering him with a sack.

"This is murder" claims Mr Uche Nworah, spokesperson for CNW UK chapter. "Mr. Aikpitanhi, a human being, was treated worse than an animal - his crime was coming to Spain to try and make a better life for himself and his family. Illegal immigrants are deported from host countries all the time but the level of force used by the Spanish officials was excessive and unjustified".

Following continuous lobbying by the CNW, major news media such as the Metro Eireann and Irish Times have joined in condemning the actions of the Spanish authorities.

In order to raise public awareness of continous sub-human treatment of Nigerian and African immigrants in Europe and to demand a full investigation into the incident by the Spanish authorities, we plan to deliver the protest note at 12.00 noon local time on the 29th of June 2007 at Spanish embassies worldwide including Algeria, Austria, Brazil, Burkina, Canada, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Faso, Finland, France, Germany, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA. Please join this historical march in your city.

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