[ 27. Jul 2007 ]

The Spanish Ambassador Disrespects the Government and People of Nigeria with his lies

Portest in Lagos, 29. Jun 2007 (NVS)

Statement by Concerned Nigerians Worldwide on the murder of Osamuyia Aikpitani by the spanish deportatation police


On two occasions in the past week (most recently on a visit to the Nigerian House of representatives), the Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Angel Losada, has continued to state that the Nigerian murdered by Spain, Mr Osamuyia Aikpitani, was guilty of rape and other crimes.

The Guardian of Monday July 17th quotes the ambassador as alleging that "there were reports from Nigeria indicating that the deceased had been indicted in Nigeria for rape and murder". Our members in Nigeria have been in touch with the Nigerian Police and there is no record of any outstanding warrant. Our members in Spain have done similar checks and there is no evidence that Mr Aikpitani is wanted there for any offense. Where is the ambassador getting his facts from? Does the Ambassador know better than the Spanish and Nigerian police?

The Guardian also quoted Ambassador Losada as stating that "Akpitanyi died in a hospital in Spain and not inside the aircraft as being rumoured". This is contrary to the original reports and eye witness accounts, which have yet to be refuted by any autopsy report. Again, where is this ambassador getting his "facts" from?

Ambassador Losada is shamelessly attempting to distort the story and we implore Nigerian authorities to call Ambassador Losada to order as the Nigerian Police is competent to determine who is wanted or not. We also call on the Nigerian Government, Nigerian people and Nigerian press to remain vigilant to see that truth and justice prevail.

On our part, we, Concerned Nigerians Worldwide, on behalf of over 4200 signatories hereby restate our demands, which were delivered to Spanish embassies worldwide on June 29th. These demands are:

THAT: the Spanish Government immediately take measures to put an end to the practice of inhuman treatment meted out to citizens of Nigeria and others from foreign countries.
THAT: the deaths, the beatings, the torture, and all other forms of inhumane treatment be immediately put to a stop.
THAT: an independent investigation be immediately opened into the circumstances leading to Mr. Aikpitanhi's murder.
THAT: an immediate apology from the country of Spain [delete comma] be made to the family of Mr. Aikpitanhi
THAT: an inquiry into the criminal negligence that led to this brutal death be conducted to ensure the prosecution of all the culprits responsible for this reprehensible act.
THAT: appropriate compensation be paid by the Spanish Government to the next of kin and survivors of Mr. Aikpitanhi.
THAT: an apology be tendered by the Spanish authorities to the next of kin, parents and or other survivors of Mr. Aikpitanhi and to Nigeria .

Finally, we call on Speaker Etteh and members of the House of Representatives to ignore the invitation to the planned seminar for African parliamentarians until these issues are addressed.

Please see update on the murder of the murder of Osamuyia Aikpitani by the spanish deportatation police:

The Spanish Ambassador Disrespects the Government and People of Nigeria with his lies

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