[ 04. May 2008 ]

Cameroonian deportation-resister commited suicide in Belgium Prision


Macabre Turn in the Brussels Airlines / Serge Fosso Affair: Ebenizer Folefack Sontsa commits Suicide,
Belgian Politicians Call for a Moratorium on Expulsions


Ebenizer Folefack Sontsa
Born Cameroon 1976
Murdered 1st May 2008
by Belgium's inhumane immigration laws

Merksplas 32-year old Ebenizer Folefack Sontsa, the Cameroonian
national whose violent repatriation caused a mini revolt last
Saturday on a Brussels Airline flight to Douala and led to the arrest
of Serge Fosso, a passenger on the flight, committed suicide
yesterday at the Merksplas refugee center (picture) in Belgium.

According to news reports, Ebenizer, who was placed in isolation
after Saturday's failed expulsion attempt, used bedsheets to hang
himself in a bathroom. Police had to be brought in to quell the
ensuing riot by other detainees.

Ebenizer's lawyer, Maitre Alexis Deswaef, holds the Belgian
government responsible for his client's death and reveals that his
client was tortured by police during the first expulsion attempt.
Officials at the Merksplas detention center have confirmed that when
Ebenizer returned to the center on Saturday, his body had signs of
trauma (thereby confirming Fosso's story). Two Belgian cabinet
ministers and political parties have called for a moratorium on
expulsions until such a time when they can be carried out in a more
conventional and humane manner.

May his soul rest in peace.

Dibussi Tande

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