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[ 15. Jul 2009 ]

Stop the Stockholm programme!

Demonstration against EU's social control, surveillance and militarisation!

Informal Meeting of JHA Ministers to elaborate "Stockholm Programme", 15.-17. July 2009 - Demonstration for internal and external Freedom! 15. July 2009, 17.00 Gathering at Södermalmstorg, Stockholm.


The march towards Medborgarplatsen where speeches and music are going to be.

Come to the demonstration against the EU's increased control, surveillance and militarism.

We refuse to just watch as the EU is investing more into building a surveillance society, putting up even higher walls around Europe and undermining the right of asylum. When the emerging supranational EU is permeated by an increasingly racist and militaristic policies.

An informal EU-summit takes place in Stockholm this summer, where the security and migration issues are on the agenda. They say it is all about internal and external security and that we in Europe must protect ourselves from the organized crime, drugs, sex trade and those innumerable "illegal immigrants who want to try their luck in Europe". They want the migration into Europe to be adapted to the needs of the Member States. That it is up to the companies and the buyers of the labour force to hand-pick the people they would earn the most money on. They talk about the freedom of movement, but it is not the human freedom it is all about. It is about the freedom of the EU countries to set up detention camps outside the borders of Europe in order to be able to select all the refugees they want, to avoid old, sick or traumatized people. It's nothing less than a migration policy based on control, racism and capitalist interests. The right to asylum is being eroded and the people moving to Europe are seen as dangerous.

There is a reason why EU-summits tend to be informal. And there is a reason why people in power are by all means trying to keep the security and migration issues as far apart as possible in the debate, but very closely in their decisions. It is not an innocent meeting, where they try to improve the migration policy, but rather a reinforcement of an unjust world order. It reinforces a sense of "us" and "them". People from the parts of the world that are held in poverty by unfair trade and debt burdens are to be shut out at any price. They are putting up the walls around the existing fortress of Europe and hoping that we won't notice what's happening before it's too late.

But we see. Action against deportation refuses to accept the EU's racism and market-based refugee policies.
We will not allow them to run it in peace!

Action against deportation

Action against deportation is a newly formed network of different
organizations and individuals in the swedish antiracist and asylum movement.
The goal of the network is to bring together different groups and people who are critical to the current refugee policy.
Together we are stronger!

Our demands are:

  • Stop the violence and dehumanisation immediately!
  • Stop all deportations!
  • Release all the people who are locked up in detention!

For more information:

aktionmotdeportation (at)