[ 18. Jul 2009 ]

Calais No Border camp statement

for a world without borders and nations

The following "Camp Statement" was agreed at a meeting of the camp on Sunday 28th June, 2009.


Camp Statement

People who want to travel to the UK from Calais live under inhuman conditions and constant harrassment. This area is a space confiscated by police and smugglers and where groups and individuals supporting migrants are criminalised. This repression is created by the externalisation of UK border controls to France, widespread hysteria about migration and the Dublin Convention. We support freedom of movement, oppose borders and racist discrimination. As first steps, we demand:

1. Unconditional entry into the UK for all

2. The places where migrants are living must not be raided or destroyed, and access to healthcare must be guaranteed

3. Freedom of movement for all around Calais: the ability to travel to all parts without restriction, harrassment or fear of arrest

4. No repeat arrests

5. Freedom of expression for all, including migrants: the right to protest and the right to make complaints to the authorities, individually or collectively

6. No deportations (whether by charter flight or not)

7. End repression of associations/individuals who support migrants, including by transporting them

8. Free and impartial legal advice on UK and other asylum and immigration systems

9. Britain's policy of arbitrary immigration detention without time limit must not be exported to Calais. There must be no new detention centre and especially no Guantanamo style facility.