[ 18. Jul 2009 ]

Europe to be 'cleansed' of Sans Papiers?

liberte de circulation - noborders demo in calais, 27. june 2009

With the burning and clearing of the main migrant camp in Patras, Greece, it seems there is a Europe-Wide attack on those without the luck to have a EU-Passport. On Tuseday next week the make-shifts camp whoch the migrants have built in calais are to be destroyed.


There are plans for mass-deportation flights to follow. Activists are travelling to Calais to witness, and to try to intervene in Calais as we speak. However, the situation is desperate and we call on all those who can't make it to call the numbers below. Green MEP's statement condemming the actions of the authorities.

URGENT CALL OUT for activists, legal observers, journalists and video activists to support migrants in Calais against imminent police attack and deportation!

The French immigration minister, Mr.Besson has officially announced that plans for the destruction of the refugee camps in Calais and the subsequent deportation of refugees will take place this week between the 20th and 25th of July.

There is an urgent need for people to go to Calais to protest against the clearances as well as to act as legal & human rights observers as police begin destroying the camps and attempting to remove people.

Please act now in any of the following ways:

:: To go to Calais for direct solidarity this week

:: For phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London; Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. For contacts follow this link.
To lobby your MEP:
:: EU Council directives of use to lobby MEPs
:: Model letter for MPs

:: To join in protests in London on Monday 20th July, 12.30pm at French Embassy, 58 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7JT (nearest tube Knightsbridge)

:: For an Open statement about Calais situation to all concerned, to be sent to NGO's, human rights organizations, Trade Unions, anyone else you can think of

:: For helping with direct solidarity in Calais in August

Organise protests in your city, ralley outside French and British consulate and embassy buildings...

Source ::, 17. Jul 2009.