[ 08. Jan 2010 ]

Appeal for Calais and update

Poto from Calais Jungle by Julie,

More people are urgently needed in Calais to do solidarity work with migrants dealing with daily police repression.


Some No Borders activists present are very tired - other say, they are not - and could do with the support too. They will also be low on the ground again soon. Even if you just want to come for as little as a weekend, this can be really helpful (not to mention an amazing and educational experience).

Some of the tasks need doing:

- Participation in police patrols. These can be really effective. Last night we followed two vans of CRS to the large African squat and were able to warn people over a megaphone that the police were outside their home. After wondering about and staring at us for a while, the police left without having entered or made any arrests.

- Providing supplies. Doing water or firewood runs, or delivering blankets or tents is crucial during this very cold period.

- Distributing leaflets on legal information

- Administering first aid

- Providing emotional support for children or those suffering from trauma, or simply showing support

... and much more. The list is endless!

You will also meet many lovely people with amazing stories to tell ...

Read up a bit by visiting our website and phone us before coming:


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