[ 14. Jan 2010 ]

The hysteric aggression against migrants in Italy-Rosarno is 'modern slavery racism'!

Solidarity with migrants: Sit in in Cosenza, January 9, 2009

Solidarity declaration of the Confe- deration of Workers from Turkey in Europe with the migrants in Italy, Rosarno.


In South Italy, Calabria region in Rosarno, new attacks occurred against semi-legal or illegal migrants that are brought into the region for seasonal agricultural work.

The original source of the conflicts in the town has been the violent dispersing of the migrant worker's legitimate mass action by the Rosarno police and carabinieri teams, after the racist-fascist-mafia circles had injured two migrants with firearms. Migrants are moving to protest against the inhumane treatments, humiliations, discrimination and racist aggression of the past months in Rosario. With their legitimate upraising, they have presented a new example of the tradition of civil courage.

It is said that hundreds of migrants were injured during the join attacks by the mafia circles and the police. The international ruling media is reflecting the issues distorted and is instigating racism by doing so. Migrants have been complaining in the past periods that 'protection fees' have been forced upon them by the notorious mafia organization of the Calabria region 'Ndrangheta' resulting in a second exploitation. After these events hundreds of migrants were made subject to sudden and forced deportation without any legality to base this on, they were placed into homes in Bari and Birindisi that not even had a hygienic infrastructure. Thousands of migrants and refugees whom lives are at risk have the intention to flee the region with their own recourses.

The Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni is supporting the hysterical aggressive attacks of the mafia-police collective against illegal migrants, by stating 'The incidents in Rosarno have shown the necessity for harder method in the struggle against illegal migration and migrant criminality'.
Against this, the progressive, democratic Italian public opinion and the left opposition have expressed a correct political analysis by stating that 'the essential problem is not the migrants (legal or illegal) but the exploitive, mafia, racist and fascist-minded power struggle'.

Ten thousands of migrant workers are being put to work as slaves in the Calabria region, in Rosano, on the fruit fields, working under bad, unhealthy and precarious conditions. Even the refugee board of the UN, the UNCHR and the Italian unions has been criticizing these inhumane conditions for many years.

Since the period of Mussolini, Calabria is known as a province where racist, fascist-minded and the mafia are very strong, is actually economically an agricultural and domestic tourism region. The demand for maximum profit and superiority on competition through the exploitation of cheap, non-skilled, precarious migrant labour is the common goal of the small businesses, large farmers and the capitalists.

The entire Italian ruling class is profiting from this nationwide fascist-minded relentless exploitation. Berlusconi, who heads up the most racist power in Europe, is named the 'representative of modern fascism of our times' by many of the Italian leftists and progressive public opinion because of the oppressive implementations on all workers and migrants.

On behalf of the Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe; we condemn the modern slavery, degrading, oppressive, racist, fascist-minded policies of the Italian government and state. Once more we declare that we will not cease to protect the right of migrants where we will be. We call upon the Italian and international democratic-progressive public opinion, unions, human rights organizations and activists to act more to defend the rights of migrants. Long live the international unity of workers and the fraternity of people!

  • End to the civil-bureaucracy-police and mafia cooperative racist aggression in Italy!
  • Solidarity with the attacked African (illegal, legal) migrants!
  • Democratic rights of migrants are also human rights!
  • End to the aggression against migrants and refugees!
  • The EU 2010 Return Directives should be stopped immediately!