[ 30. Jan 2010 ]

Noborder Camp Brussels 2010

Noborder Camp Brussels 2010

Camp from 27th of September till 3th of October 2010, national manifestation at the 2nd of October, next meeting 20th to 21st of February 2010.


The construction of the camp or the camps will start at Saturday 25th of September. The activities will start at 27th of September with a big manifestation at the 2th of October and a day of report/evaluation day at the 3th of October.

This camp enters in the tradition of the No Border Camps organised throughout the world since the 90's. Like the Camp at Calais or at Lesbos in 2009, it will be a space to share informations, skills and experiences. A space to prepare and realize actions against the system of borders that divided us all. Since the beginning of the year 2000, the European Union has built "a fortification of Europe" by externalizing his borders in Asia and Africa with the border patrol in the Mediterranean, in Libya and the south west coast of Africa thanks to the agency Frontex (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union) and by its foreign policy that allows to pay the states, from Ukrainia till Morocco, by effectuating in their place the job of the prevention of immigration.

The camp will claim for the freedom of circulation by all, the end of the borders and the migration controls. We call it a radical movement against the control systems that divided us between EU and non-EU citizens, between with and without papers. Everybody is invited to join the camp to discuss and debate the question of the borders and the freedom of circulation and installation, to imagine and participate in the actions.

The noborder camp is wide open to groups and people struggling againts frontiers and capitalism, and for the freedom to move and settle, but closed to attemps of recovery by unions and parties who would think about abusing it for their electoral goals.

Why Brussels?

  • Brussels has an important role in European migration politics: the European Parliament is based over there and Belgium will be the chairman, starting on July 2010. With the No Border Camp, we want to question the European Migration Policy and work towards a radical change.
  • Brussels is the centre of decision-making in Belgium, home base of the Parliament, of the headquarters of political parties, of the office of foreign affairs, etc.
  • And at last, Brussels has a multicultural society where big communities of migrants and people without papers live, who have been really active in their fight. With the No Border Camp we want to make stronger links between the activists with and without papers.

How to support?

A No Border Camp is what you make of it yourself:

  • come to the next meeting: Monday 11th of January at 19h30, you can get the address by mail.
  • can you give a workshop or do you know some interesting movie, good speaker or can you organise a nice exposition or another idea to fill up our program? Contact us!
  • of course we are looking for places to sleep: terrains, rooms, buildings, camping places, whatever! Do you have some place or do you know someone who has, pass them our contacts!
  • A NoBorder Camp, is a selforganised place, so motivate your friends and fellow activists!
  • There will be a bank account for all financial support.
  • If you have any ideas for the camp or you want to co-organise a piece of the camp, if you have plenty of good ideas or you want to organise some benefit party, just let us know at nobordercamp (at)

Write us to confirm your presence or if you're interested in the organisation of this camp.
Next meeting 20th - 21st of February 2010 in Brussels
Contact: nobordercamp (at)