[ 28. Mar 2010 ]

Italy: Hungerstrikes in Migrant Detention Centres

Ponte Galeria, 14th March 2010

On March 14, 2010, migrants inside the detention centres in Gradisca and Ponte Galeria started with resistance and hungerstrikes.


Gradisca, Italy, 14th March

An afternoon of tension in Gradisca's detention centre. After a few hours of being locked in their cells without an explanation the detainees started a protest and decided to refuse their meals which the guards wanted to put through the doors "as if we're dogs". The guards raided all the cells, and caused more protests followed. The situation got calmer only around 9pm, when the detainees told the guards "See you tomorrow".

Ponte Galeria, Italy, 14th March

The detainees declared a hunger strike.

Source ::, 15. Mar 2010.