[ 29. Aug 2011 ]

No-Border-Cats crossdressed the Monument in Svilengrad

Crossdressing of the Monument

On 28th of August 2011, the No- Border- Cats crossdressed the Monument of the Borderguard and his German shepdog in Svilengrad. To the :: Bildergalerie


"This is an action against Frontex" explains No-Border-Cat Matse.
Frontex is the EU-border-agency, which was founded to tackle the so-called illegal migration on the external borders of Europe.
The Frontex-officers already arrived in Bulgaria. They are training the Bulgarian border-police to build up Fortress Europe. The militarization of the Turkish-Bulgarian border is one of the preconditions for Bulgaria to join the Schengen-zone.
Frontex is also operating with RABITs [Rapid Border Intervention Teams], for example at the Turkish-Greek border. They are hunting refugees.

Border-Cat Felicitas claims "Rabbits instead of RABITs!"
Freedom of Movement - No Border

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