[ 03. Sep 2011 ]

Demonstration in front of the Liubimetz detention center

Solidarity with the arrested people in the detention centre

Nearly 300 people from around the world outside at showed solidarity with inmates at a demonstration in front of the detention center in city of Liubimetz, in south-eastern Bulgaria on 29th of August 2011.


The activists from the No Border Camp met around noon in city of Liubimetz to shape a demonstration. It was held in the area of the Detention Center in Liubimetz. It served as the climax of this year's five-day No Border camp, near by city of Svilengrad, next to the turkish frontier.

The Detention Center was opened in march 2011 and it's designed to detain there around 300 inmates. Since then, 180 people have been arrested and detained there. Curentlly, there are 33 Sans Papiers inside. Many of whom were brought there despite the fact that they had applied for political asylum. The main rascus against them being their illegal entry and the erasure of their citizenship as like the dissolution of the Sowiet Union. Nevermind the Europian Convention of Human rights, migrants were imprisioned without court decision. Expirience from Detention Center in Sofia suggests that this may be the case for more than one year.

Amongst the detainees are citizens from the former USSR and states who lost their legal status due the Bulgaria joining the EU. In this case, it was not people who moved, but borders.

The Camp is a gathering of anarchists, whose central demand is the freedom of movement for everybody. They want to draw attention to the militarization of borders and the ill-treatment and criminalization of migrants. No Border activists think that not being granted equal rights crossing borders is an infigurment on the freedom for everybody to choose where they want to live.

Shouting slogans demanding liberty, the protesters walked to an area of Detention Center. Many residents from the roma community joined the protest. The partisipants managed and establish contact with the inmates, which inabled then to pass on a telephone number that will allow people from the inside to obtain free legal help. Also an samba action band played music and leaflets were distributed to curious bystanders.

The Police presence was strong, riots cops, special truck for mass demos, despite the peaceful character of the demonstration.

After three hours of powerfull chants and shouts, the activicts and inmates said good buy until next next meeting.

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