[ 03. Jan 2013 ]

New Year Call Out from Tangier, Morocco

Personal and general call out to you folks we love from No Borders Nucleus in Morocco. Hey everyone! We miss you we love you and we want to pass on how things are going and try and inspire folks to join us.


The Straits of Gibraltar are a flashpoint of migration, fortress europe conspiracy, corruption, human rights abuse, suffering and cultural revolutionary fusion. We are here to break ground, ascertain enemy and ally strength and establish ourselves as an outpost and link in the radical web from which to extend our network between europa and africa. All our struggles are one and our companeros here need us and we need them.

European Activists and African Comrades share mutual interests and need to get stuck into some mutual aid.

Theres lots we need to tell that we can't risk being explicit about here but please check and send us postal addresses if you want to talk by mail.

nobordersmorocco (at) for emailing confidentially.

Basically right now we've been trying to survive from paid gigs and stuff and its all unreliable. There are too few of us to do much for long. We can stay another one or two months by ourselves, renting this apartment, but after we leave will be returning up to the UK with the aim of spreading info and rallying a crew to come back with us here.

Before then, since we are here and time is always of the essence, and because its fucking brass monkeys in fair albion right now, we want to encourage people to join us NOW. We can have a boost of activity here and achieve a lot. If we had six people here we can exponentially increase what we're doing. And people can escape winter in england and sleep on big pink sofas, eat amazing cheap food, go vegan easily, see some beautiful country, meet amazing people, make any money go a lot further, learn arabic/french/wolof/spanish or just get by in english easily.

Its a crazy place here in Tanger, but its really easy when you have a safe place to stay and people know their way around. If you join us we'll show you how to make everything easy and it won't be half as intimidating as it might otherwise be.

This place can be a refuge or a base of operations you can make what you want of it. There's at lot less squallocks here than in brighton, and not one cop has given us shit in months, and I haven't seen a CCTV camera either. And of course things there are plenty of men to see about plenty of different dogs, if you catch my drift. That side of things is everything you'd imagine it would be fo sho.

I can give you my Moroccan number if your on your way, I'll meet you and bring you to our place.

We can give you all the travel advice and tips if you need them. Its easy to get here really.

Please get in touch and we'll fill you in on anything you want to know, and please do pass the word on to people, pass on our contacts as you see fit.

Lets do something enormous and bridge this gap between europe and africa!

We have a web that covers so many free places and people around europe, from Athens to Calais, from Oslo to Barcelona and Rossport to Rome, if it reaches across and links with Africa then our links will extend from places like London to Dakar, and Berlin to Casablanca. We'll be a stronger wider, more interconnected diverse movement than we are now. I think it can all be possible if we bridge this link in the web between the straits from Tanger to Spain. N-o B0rde_rs people should make sure we are active here. Morocco is to Europe what Mexico is to the USA, and Tanger is Europe's Tijuana. We've got a responsibility not to ignore our comrades struggle here, and we can be stronger by fighting together.

Love, Rage, Radical Optimistic Hope, and Solidarity from the outlaw outpost of Tanger, Al Maghreb.