[ 02. Jul 2015 ]

Urgent call out for solidarity with evicted migrants in Tangier

In the past days, the people living in the Boukhalef neighbourhood in Tangier have experienced another wave of violence and repression by local populations and the Moroccan state, in their role of border guard for the European Union.


No Borders Morcocco published a detailed account of the past couple of days online:

:: See the report of No Borders Morocco.

After an ultimatum of 24h by the Tangier authorities for the migrants to leave the squatted apartments, the military and riot police have actually started a large-scale eviction yesterday (1st of July 2015), in the course of which one person died, one other person was severely wounded. Hundreds of people were deported further South, others are now on the streets, hiding in the Tangier medina, and need urgent support. A delegation of migrants' NGOS from Tangier and Rabat is calling for funds to support the evicted inhabitants of Boukhalef. The priority would be to provide at least some shelter for the most vulnerable people for the coming days, as they have lost all their possessions and are just staying in the streets!

Please let us know if you can donate any sum of money to buy some blankets, plastic sheets, some cooking utensils, food and medicine. Please email to nobordersmorocco (at) and we will give you the account details. Any sum is welcome!