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[ 07. Feb 2013 ]

We demand our rights!

Demonstration Refugeecamp Vienna

Call for a demonstration in solidarity with the protest of refugees. Saturday, February 16th 2013. Meeting place: 2 pm, Europaplatz/Westbahnhof, 1060 Wien.


Call for the demonstration

Starting with a march from Traiskirchen to Vienna, the refugees themselves began to fight for their rights. Neither the agitation by the media, nor threats by the ministry of internal affairs nor the bitter cold could intimidate them. They fled from war, environmental disaster and poverty.
Here, they still face oppression: They are not allowed to work, hardly have access to education and are kept like prisoners. Asylum seekers are denied the right to basic rights. Their lack of rights is affecting us all: Corporations abuse them as illegal work force in order to lower wages.
Asylum seekers are not to blame for social issues and injustices. They are used by politicians as scapegoats, racist policies divert from real solutions to social problems.

We try to draw attention to this problem on an international level. Each and every year, thousands of refugees are dying trying to flee to europe. The EU increased the budget of the anti-refugee border protection organisation Frontex tenfold - while savage austerity cuts in the member states are driving people to suicide by the thousands.

On Februray 16th, we are protesting. In solidarity with the refugees in Austria and in the rest of the world. We make a stand against racism and right wing agitation with our international solidarity. Social problems can only be solved when we all have equal rights. Join the demonstration! Bring your family, friends and collegues! Equal rights for us all!

- Solidarity with the Refugee Movement!
- Stop repression!
- Right to work for asylum seekers!

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna