[ 09. Feb 2013 ]

Choucha: Protest Declaration

European Union finish your job - protest of the Choucha refugees in Tunis.

February 2, 2013: After six days of protest with our negotiations and demands still intact. We did not quit our claims, neither give up nor surrender on our struggles. Our demands has to be met by the UNHCR.


We are not "MIGRANTS" under Tunisien, but "ASYLUM" seekers under the UNHCR and we are demanding an asylum protection from the responsible (UNHCR), to re-install our normal services, just like everyone, general resettlement for everyone in a safe country counting effective system of protection.

Friday 1st/02/2013. We extended our manifestation to the European Union delegation building with our banners indicating "EUROPEAN UNION, FINISH YOUR JOB" after some minutes one of the secretary came to us saying,the ambassador is having a meeting and after the meeting they need the representatives to come in for a meeting. Though the ambassador was busy, but in her place was, Mr Giahamorea Villa the director of human rights(political issues) Mr Michel, social affairs, Mr Abdelaziz Lyamouri (refugee affairs). This three board members of the delegation hosted the meeting in place of the ambassador, after the introduction the meeting commenced with Mr Michell asking a brief analysis of why we are here, we explained and he asked,what is our demands. Firstly we asked the delegation not to turn deaf ears to our plights,that they already know and also they are among the decision makers and they have to intercide on our legal status under the UNHCR and, affair asylum protection/general resettlement, among theses were are our demands. The three different board members asked other questions, that we answered to. In conclusion they said the first measure they are going to implore is to have a delegation meeting with the UNHCR about the files review, talk to members of state and the Tunisien government to see to our critical conditions in the camp. And a delegation meeting with members of the EU states and a letter to be addressed to their head office in Brussels. Finally they said, the EU delegation here will get back to us in a short while.

After all the negotiations, we came back to Choucha 02/02/2013 (Saturday).

We keep our struggles intact until our demands are met and our individual files justified.