[ 11. Apr 2013 ]

Stop charter flight mass deportation to Nigeria!

Join protest at Rossauerlände deportation prison on Thursday, 11th of April 2013! Meeting point: at 6pm at metro station U4 Rossauer Lände in Vienna!


Since more than a week now, the police has been making random controls to most African restaurants in Vienna with the intension to search for as much Nigerians as they could to include in the upcoming chartered deportation flight they have already arranged to deport people to Nigeria. This is the same type of police action that excludes people of certain target origin from our society, and we do not want to fold our hands and watch this happen.

It should be recalled that Nigerian people are is undergoing serious threats by Boko Haram terror group as well as by state forces. Boko Haram have been carrying out series of Bomb blast targeting innocent citizens in the North, but also in the South of Nigeria. There is a severe crisis in the Niger Delta area that harbours huge oil and gas wealth while the people are living in acute poverty and are facing severe and deadly pollution by the various multi national oil companies like Shell,Chevron,Eni and Exxonmobile. Also, Nigeria is rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and nobody knows actually what will happen to the deportees when they arrive there. They will definitely face harsh prison sentence and other ill-human acts.

The deportation charter flight from Vienna to Nigeria is part of coordinated European charter mass deportation flights organized by the EU border agency FRONTEX. This means that besides Nigerians from Austria, also people from other EU countries will be put on this flight. In this sense, Vienna airport at Schwechat serves as a central connection point of inhuman racist deportation policies threatening the lives of migrants and refugees all over Europe.

We are calling on everybody, Nigerians and non Nigerians as well, to stand up against the racist and colonial oppression carried out through deportation!

Join the protest action on Thursday, 11th of April, at 6pm!
Show your active solidarity against deportation!
No more (mass) deportations! Enough is enough!

Help to spread this information!