[ 14. Oct 2013 ]

Dry hungerstrike in Berlin: statement of striking Non-Citizens

Solidarity with Non-Citizen Protest Everywhere

In an open letter to the german minister of interior and the president of Federal office for Migrations and Refugees on the first day of dry hungerstrike, the striking Non-Citizens demand the acceptance of their asylum applications. documents.


Statement of the striking Non-Citizens:

To: Mr. Friedrich, the interior minister of Germany
Dr. Schmidt, the president of Federal office for Migrations and Refugees

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

You have seen our endless confidence of struggling, which is growing up from the rights which are deprived from us and the pains which you are not familiar with and have made us to come here.

It was you that made us to choose streets as our strongholds to reject our systematic death and struggle to achieve our rights. We believe that on this way “resistance” is the only way for all oppressed people of the world.

Still a lot of people are leaving their country of origin because of unstable conditions in other geographical areas, which have been imposed by you. On the way of finding life, which each person deserves, we are reaching our ending point by entering borders of Europe, which is made by you on different ways. Frontex and what happened recently in Lampedusa are only few examples of this structure which we believe are governmental murders.

Ignorance, terror and suppressing political struggles are the usual method of the system in confrontation with social movements, but people’s death can’t be ignored neither in European southern sees by camera’s lenses nor in the heart of Europe, at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, and in front of your voters’ eyes.

We are Lampadusaeans and thousands other refugees who are dying on the European borders but we could reach here and we extremely condemn these mass executions. We want our very basic human rights, which are equal life conditions like Citizens do have. Neither you nor anybody else can deprive us of them.

We are in front of your eyes in the extreme bad weather conditions and restrictions you posed, but you have chosen ignorance and now we shout out, that the responsibilities of consequences of what will happen are directly addressed to you.

This is the last chance for the existing government to move toward our demand to avoid making a more shameful memory of itself in history.

Now the time is extremely shortened, we do not drink water since today until we achieve our demand which is acceptance of our asylum applications. That’s what we have chosen.

Dry hungerstriking Non-Citizens in Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz