[ 14. May 2014 ]

Freedom not Frontex!

Freedom not Frontex Vienna

From Friday, 16th May 2014, to Sunday, 18th May 2014, there will be actions to support the refugee-movement and against the EUropean border-regime in Votivpark, 1090 Vienna


More than 23.000 dead men and women since 2000 (The Migrant Files), and these are only the documented cases. How many more does it need until the Europeans start to realise, that the wall around them kills? The EU promises human rights to everyone, but to defend their politics of austerity inside it, it isn't afraid to kill thousands of innocents whose situation even the poorest Europeans can hardly imagine.

Wealth is hoarded by a few, who tell the bewildered herd that the poor take away their money. At the same time, the EU enacts treaties like the TTIP that serve mainly those few rich who pay the politicians just enough to do their job. There is no place for migration in this system.

The oh-so-benevolent charity organisations just serve to cement the status quo. By not only treating migrants as inferior and regarding them as a helpless crowd that needs donations, but also further destroying the development of local economies in so-called "third world countries", their main purpose is to calm the bad conscience of lucky Europeans.

What the people who are fleeing war, starvation, thirst, terrorism, repression and sickness need, is change. Change which can only come through uprisings, information and solidarity.

Soon, all the registered citizens of the EU can decide which marionettes continue the bloody border regime that is Frontex, which is just the beginning of a long process of structural damage, as those who manage to evade persecution in their home countries and to survive the dangerous journey, will slowly be killed by pens inside the member states (R.I.P. Francis Kwame, who died in Hamburg, 19.4.2014; Libyan bomb survivor and refugee activist).

These people aren't allowed to vote. All they can do is to raise their voice. It is time to look beyond Europe and to stand up for human rights. Now and always. RISE TOGETHER!

16.5., 16h Demonstration starting from Votivpark!
16.5. - 18.5., 72h action in Votivpark!

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