[ 04. Jun 2014 ]

Anti - Schengen Declaration

Protest in front of the (modified) Schengen-Monument.

The "March for Freedom" is heading on to Brussels demanding Freedom of Movement and to abolish borders and detention of Migrants and Refugees. During the stop in Schengen following declaration was published.


The current Schengen declaration should guarantee the freedom of movement between the member states of Schengen a fundamental basic right. For all Non-European citizens this means the opposite: human trafficking, prison, deportation and death.

We do not accept this world anymore where borders are separating us.

We need a new declaration, which gives ALL of us the same rights:

Anti - Schengen Declaration

The Schengen Agreement applies to any person crossing the internal or external borders of a European Union (EU) country.

(1) "European Union (EU) citizens and other persons enjoying the right of free movement within the EU (such as the family members of an EU citizen) undergo a minimum check."

"Non-EU country nationals are subject to thorough checks."

What does it mean?

In consequence the Schengen agreement makes migrants, refugees and/or Non-citizens to objects of EU border policy. The EU etablish a 2class system of human beings, those who are able to enjoy the right of free movement and those who are just objects of "thorough checks".

And even more: Not all EU-Citizens are enjoying the right of free movement. Roma are being discrimnated all over Europe, forced to flee and getting deported within the european union.

(2) "Border checks are carried out by border guards. When performing their duties, border guards must fully respect human dignity and may not discriminate against persons on grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation."

What does it mean?

Border guards mean Frontex. Frontex means Borderregime. Borderregime means thousands of deaths every year at the external borders of the EU. The migration from the Global South is controlled by the EU in a racist and capitalistic way. Within the EU, the police is practicing racial profiling. That means People of colour are affected by discrimatory police practice. The "fully respected police treatment" apply just to white european citizens.

These and other points of the Schengen agreement establish a system of "illegal" and "legal" migration. Its catagorize people in "refugees", "migrants" and "citizens".

These categories put borders between people.

Borders between people and between countries are killing people every day.

Abolish all borders!
Stop the killing!


Source ::, 02. Jun 2014