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[ 04. Sep 2015 // letzte änderung: 10. Sep 2015 ]

#EuropeSaysWelcome: European Day of Action for Refugees

#EuropeSaysWelcome: European Day of Action for Refugees

It's time speak out against the deadly borders that have been enacted in our name. People all over Europe are organizing resistance and solidarity in their towns and cities. On the 12th of September 2015 we want to show with thousands of people all over Europe our solidarity with those fleeing war, violence and destitution.


Call :: #EuropeSaysWelcome: European Day of Action for Refugees

We want to let all the refugees know: You are welcome!

Join us by organizing an event in your own town or city!


We have seen the images.
We have been told the stories.
We have heard the numbers.

There is an immense tragedy unfolding on Europe's borders and within them. From the capsized boats in the Mediterranean to the abandoned truck in Austria to little baby Aylan that washed ashore the coast of Bodrum, together with our humanity.

We can't continue to allow thousands to die trying to reach Europe as they search for safety, hope and the chance to live another day.

We can't stay silent anymore as our politicians and the media are stigmatizing these men, women and children as threats and burdens.

We can't let our governments close all our borders and build fences to keep people in need out. That's not what Europe should be about.

The last week we have seen outpourings of solidarity, from the countless volunteers helping out in Greece to cope with the thousands of refugees arriving through its island to Iceland where more than 10.000 people offered their homes to take in refugees to Austria where 30.000 people took to the streets for the rights of refugees. That's the Europe we want to see more.

That's why on Saturday 12 September we are calling for a Europe-wide day of action. This will be a day for the Europe of solidarity to speak up in its rich and diverse voice. We want people all over Europe to protest, have welcome parties, organize convoys, break down barriers etc. etc.

Please invite anyone and everyone! We will list all the initiatives taking place on that day here. So please do start your own initiatives in your own city and notify us here so we can add them. We will post a guide of how to go about organizing local protests as soon as possible!


Protest London, United Kingdom:

Protest in Dover, United Kingdom:

Candlelight vigil in Birmingham, United Kingdom:

Protest in Birmingham, United Kingdom:

Manifestation in Exeter, United Kingdom:

Candlelight vigil in Chichester, United Kingdom:

Protest in Newcastle, United Kingdom:

Manifestation in York, United Kingdom:

Protest in Sheffield, United Kingdom:

Protest in Kirkwall, United Kingdom:

Protest in Falmouth, United Kingdom:

English football supporters in solidarity with refugees, United Kingdom:

Candelight vigil in Glasgow, Scotland:

Candellight vigil in Edinburgh, Scotland:

Candellight vigil in Orkney, Scotland:

Rally/vigil in Cork, Ireland:

Protest in Dublin, Ireland:

Rally in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

March and rally in Derry, Northern Ireland:

Candlelight vigil in Berlin, Germany:

Welcome party in Erfurt, Germany:

Protest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Welcoming effort in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Welcoming effort in Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

March in The Hague, The Netherlands:

Welcoming effort in The Hague, The Netherlands:

Protest in Brussels, Belgium:

Welcome party in Helsinki, Finland:

Welcome picnic in Tampere, FInland:

Protest in Oslo, Norway:

Protest in Bergen, Norway:

Protest in Stockholm, Sweden:

Manifestation in Malmö, Sweden:

Manifestation in Västerås, Sweden:

Protest in Luleå, Sweden:

Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden:

Manifestation in Gävle, Sweden:

Protest in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Protest in Odense, Denmark:

Welcome event in Aarhus, Denmark

Keep the border open event in Krusø, Denmark

Welcome event in Aalborg, Denmark

Protest in Reykjavík, Iceland:

Protest in Vienna, Austria:

Protest in Fribourg, Switzerland:

Manifestation in Geneva, Switzerland:

Protest in Luzern, Switzerland:

Rally in Metz, France:

March in Nice, France:

Manifestation in Lyon, France:

Assembly in Avignon, France:

Candellight vigil in Bologna, Italy:

Candlelight vigil in Milan, Italy:

Protest in Turin, Italy:

Protest in Madrid, Spain:

Protest in Barcelona:

Protest in Lisbon, Portugal:

Candlelight vigil in Athens, Greece:

Protest in Nicosia, Cyprus

Protest in Istanbul, Turkey:

Protest in Bucharest, Romania:

Protest in Cluj-Kolozsvar, Romania:

Protest in Budapest, Hungary:

Candlelight vigil in Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Candelight vigil in Sarajevo, Bosnia:

March in Sofia, Bulgaria:

Protest in Warsaw, Poland:

Manifestation in Bialystock, Poland:

Protest in Poznan, Poland:

Protest in Krakow, Poland:

Protest in Gdansk, Poland:

Protest in Vilnius, Lithuania:

Protest in Riga, Latvia:

Festival in Bratislava, Slowakia:

Protest in Prague, Czech Republic:

Outside of Europe
Protest in Sydney, Australia:

Protest in Melbourne, Australia:

Speak-out in Perth, Australia:

Protest in New York City, United States:


The future of Europe is at stake here. Are we going to have a Europe of barbed wire, walls and fences. Or are we going to have a Europe in which mutual solidarity and empathy are prioritised and in which those arriving can re-build their lives with the dignity, respect and support they deserve?