[ 24. Sep 2015 ]

OpenBorderCaravan from Berlin on 24th September 2015

One more international Caravan and Convoi for practical help to cross the borders starts from Berlin. The aim is to support the blocked people in the border regions of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and along the transit routes.


Call for #OpenBorderCaravan from Berlin

Leipzig and Vienna showed us how to do it - in Berlin we want to follow their example. Together with many international friends, comrades and other people we will help refugees to cross the borders. Instead of only watching, we want to practically support the refugee struggles on the European borders by organizing shuttle service.

While still talking of welcoming culture, the closure of the border was already being prepared. The armed federal police closed the border in Bavaria while the humanitarian catastrophe in the border areas of Serbia and Croatia, in the camps of Hungary and along the transit routes intensified. This closed border policy inside the Fortress Europe will not stop anyone from fleeing, but will lead to even more misery, fear and death. In this moment, it becomes obvious that the warm words of welcome of these last days were of little value. Therefore, our answer can only be practical help to cross the borders!

Let us join this uprising against the Dublin system. The last weeks have shown that the border regime can shake if challenged by the the power of the masses. The closure of the German borders has unleashed a domino effect reaching the European periphery. So let us create a domino effect of border crossing, civil disobedience and humanity.

Convoys from Vienna and Leipzig have already supported hundreds of people on their flight. #OpenBorderCaravan will depart from Berlin this weekend. We will depart and arrive in coordination with supporters and comrades from Italy and hopefully many other places. It will be a convoy, a caravan, carrying things that the people in the border areas of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and along the transit routes need most urgently - and carrying the will to to practically facilitate their flight.

We will be on the road heading from Berlin towards South-East Europe from Thursday evening (22:00) until Sunday night/ Monday morning (24th - 27th September 2015). The convoy needs you, your energy and your solidarity. If you can join us or provide a car, please contact us. We also need donations: especially blankets, tents, warm clothes and shoes.

openborders (at)
Caravan Phone 01578-6424265 (contactable thursday)

Place of departure:
Parking area LPG BioMarkt
Mehringdamm 20-30
10961 Berlin
Please be there Thursday evening at 9:30pm. We will start at 10pm.

International call and overview over the convoys from different cities, you will find in ::