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[ 01. Oct 2015 ]

#crossingnomore: Solidarity is not a crime

Don't let us drown. We only want to pass, no more

Since more then one week 5 people are arrested in Istanbul, Turkey, because they participated on the campaign #crossingnomore. For more the one week the authorities give false information and the arrested ones are defamed in a terrible way.


Solidarity Statement

Since quite a time, thousands of migrants are moving in the direction of the greek and bulgarian borders, in order to protest for a secure entry and speak out against the tough and often lethal way via the Aegean. Thereby a lot of people follow them in solidarity.

On the 21st of September 2015 police interfered a group of 500 migrants who started walking from Esenler coach station to Edirne. At that point the police put 5 persons under survelliance, thereof three with syrian papers and and one person with a german, respectively one with french, papers. although the police took of all of the arrested people no statement, the turkish authorities scanned their passports of all of them and gave them not anonymized to the press, inclusive prejudgements and allegations.

The press took the false informations of the police and widespreaded it already since two days. This resembles downright to a lynch-campain against all of the five, that are being held in the detention center in Kumkapı/Istanbul since yesterday. The accusations spread out over a wide range, as the reproach that they acted in differend political groups as spies and provocateurs.

The people in custody that are, who are threatened with a lawsuit and a deportation supported - like us - because of human solidarity migrants who are faced with fatal problems due to the border and migration policies of the government and spread the word to other people without discriminating religion, language, race and gender and solidarized with the families, that were fleeing on their own initiative.

However, the turkish press and authorities are showing open xenophobia against foreigners, are neglecting every ethical codex and try to stigmatize the prisoners with a hate campain. We declare ourself against every prejudgement against humans, who acted because of human sympathy. We declare our own solidarity towards the captives and are campaigning for their release.

Article by #crossing no more solidarity, published first on 30. Sep 2015 in ::