[ 27. Aug 2016 ]

Italy: Deportations to Sudan!

On 24th of August 2016, the deportation of forty-Sudanese are rounded up there two days before the center of the red cross Ventimiglia towards the Sudan (Khartoum), via Turin Airport and the company "EgyptAir".


They were received by a judge and their deportation was validated in less than 24 hours.

These people have not had the opportunity to seek asylum in that short period, they have been "chosen" in a lot of people refusing to drop their footprint in Italy, in the center of the red cross.

It would not be the first deportation of its kind, according to Sudanese friends, another flight from Rome and towards Khartoum took place last week.

These deportations follow the new agreements between Italy and Sudan, authorizing the deportation of Sudanese illegally on Italian soil and be part of the new European agreements on the management of the "migration crisis": the "migration compact".

Italian link in an analysis of these agreements ::

We knew these practices possible through EU agreements / Turkey, but it is now clear that Europe has developed legal means in order to organize the deportations directly from European soil.

Friends (misinformed ...) are made today to the milan airport to try to block the departure of the aircraft, they would quarantine, three of them are mounted on an airport pounded to protest against the deportations. they would be now in the hands of the Milanese police, we do not know what's befallen others for now.

What responses, what responses ?????
Europe is covered by the blood of the ones it deports !!!

Source: e-mail.