[ 20. Mar 2018 ]

The Show must go on - Report on the Court Trial against Ahmed H.

Freedom for Ahmad

On March, 14th 2018 the court of Szeged comfirmed Ahmed to be a "terrorist" and sentenced him to seven years of prison - three years less than in the first verdict.


We didn't expect a fair trial and unfortunately the verdict proved it. It was a ridiculous theatre: After the final speeches of prosecutor and defence at the same day the verdict followed. The court did not even try to avoid the impression of a directed show: the verdict obviously was rendered and written long before: No need to keep up the appearance of a formal correct procedure. The judge perfectly assisted Orbán and his gang. Just a few weeks before the Hungarian elections and in the eve of Hungary's National Day this verdict fit perfectly in the government's election campaign. One day later tens of thousands applauded to Orbán's speech in front of the National Parliament, listening to his fairy tales about Soros and the 1 Million African Migrants.

The prosecutor according to his own words "focused just on the act of terrorism": Ahmed's only aim had been to violate the border. All his actions and movements and thoughts were based only on one aim: violating the border. The defense required to leave aside any political impact and to decide strictly juridical. Instead he asked the court to take into account Ahmed's aim to accompany his parents and his brother's family and also the highly emotional situation at the border. "No matter what he may did, there is no proof of any aggressive words directed to the Hungarian police". Barandy's strategy of leaving out the political meaning of the trial obviously didn't work out: Ahmed was found guilty in "complicity in an act of terror” and “illegal entry as part of a mass riot” and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and expulsion from Hungary for 10 years. Seven years of sentence minus the prior detention mean two more years in prison. Both sides appealed the judgement - The show must go on.

#Rage and Anger!
#Freedom for Ahmed!

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