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[ 23. Feb 2002 ]

National demonstration in Rome against the bill Bossi/Fini!

150,000 people are reported to have taken to the streets of Roma on 19th January 2001 in protest of the new immigration law proposed to the Italian parliament.


The government Berlusconi is going to propose to the Parliament the racist and xenophobic bill on migration and refugees which strongly will worsen the already bad law in force now.

The bill Bossi/Fini hasn"t come into force yet but it will be soon approved easily in the end of the year if we won"t develop soon a strong social opposition of the italian associations, of the migrants communities, of the trade unions and of all the democratic citizens.

Here are the most important modifications which will be introduced if the bill Bossi/Fini will be approved:

- The channels of regular entry in Italy will be reduced, abolishing the individual sponsorships to look for a job

- It won"t be possible any more to enter into Italy with a permit to "look for a job" on the base of the warranties of lodgement and maintenance offered by an italian or foreign citizen who lives in Italy

- The decrees yearly fluxus which establish the number of the migrants workers who can enter into Italy, will assign preferential rates to the italian workers until the third grade of relationship

- The contract of stay for working reasons will be introduced.
It will be necessary to draw a contract of stay for working reasons before enter in Italy with wich the employer will have to grant the lodgement and the paying of the travel costs to go back to the country of origin at the end of the working relation

- The permit of stay for working reason will last the same time as the contract of stay for working reasons and not more than
9 months for seasonal work, one year for subordinate term work, 2 years for subordinate without term work

- The executives deportations will grow

- The cases by which the deportation will be immediately executed with mmediate escort to the border will grow. In this case will be denied the right of defense

- Against the decree of deportation will be possible to make petition only in the country of origin in 60 days since the promulgation of the measure

- The denial of reentry will be doubled

- The person who will receive the decree of deportation can"t come back into Italy for 10 years

- The migrant with a judicial deportation or that after having received an administrative deportation will come back to Italy for the third time will be sentenced to jail from one to 4 years

- The stay in the detention centers will be longer

- The migrant can be kept in the detention center for 60 days (before it was 30 days)

Saturday 19/01/02 at 7 starts the rainbow train from Milan Garibaldi Station

The New Immigration Law is based on the principle of reducing the posibility of coming into Italy to nothing but to serve big capital like a worker. Thus taking away from the picture the human rights factor like a bases for coming into the country.
Companies that happen to even bring people in the country to work for them have a broad avaliablity of legal possibilities to abuse the workers in question. Then everything is pinned under the interesting conclusion of "at the end of the contract you"ve got to leave Italy." In which case contracts are to be renewed every two years. Thus one can say ensuring the emotional stress that makes even the immigrant-worker probaly ending up illegal and thus more avaliable for abuse by employers.
source: Ambazonisa-IMC (imc-in-exile)