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[ 04. Feb 2002 ]

Aktion gegen Abschiebungen und Kriminalisierung politischer AktivistInnen in Malaga/Spanien

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report from activists from malaga about an action against deportations and the criminalization of political activists

Nico ist Aktivist in Malaga / Spanien. Unmittelbar nach der hier beschriebenen Aktion wurde er aufgefordert Spanien zu verlassen.
Nico wurde aufgefordert nach Italien auszureisen. In spanien und ueber das noborder-netzwerk werden proteste gegen die deportation von Nico organisiert!


Activists from "ninguna persona es ilegal" have set up a protest camp in front of the Immigrant detention Center in the town of Malaga. They have blocked the entrance of the center since Thursday the 26th of January in support of 8 immigrants who have had been arrested during a demonstration in Almeria where they where demanding the legalization of their residence status. The 8 arrested immigrants had been transferred to the CIE in Malaga where the authorities wanted to detain them until their deportation to their countries of origin. In support of immigrants struggles and celebrating a year of active disobedience to the Spanish foreigners law the activists decided to stay in front of the center and to control every vehicle that could possibly transfer immigrants from or to the center. On the morning of the 29th of January the blockade was ended by police forces.
At the same time a group of 23 immigrants was deported from the detention Center. A group of 10 people tried to prevent the leaving of the police vans by lying on the road, but they were also evicted and ordered to leave the place. At 11.30 a.m. a demonstration took place. There were different actions [a boy hung in a tree with a banner saying "deported", and a group of 25 people staying on the road interrupting the traffic flow] In the meantime 2 persons had chained themselves to the door of the detention center and minutes later the rest of the group joined them running to this door and formed a human chain.

The group was the again removed by the police, without any injuries or arrests. On the way home were evicted without a wounded and we were going pacifically at home the police did however violently arrest 2 activists. They were brought inside the detention center where they were beaten up by a group of police officers. They were detained inside the center for 24 hours before they were released.
The deportation of the group of Almeria immigrants took place at the same moment when the two activists were released from the justice palace. One of the two arrested activists has also been issued a deportation order as he has an Italian passport. He was ordered to leave Spain within 8 days, although he has been a longtime resident.

malaga, january 31 2002 (sorry for the english)
29th morning we were evicted by national police at 06.30 am hours. At this time they were deporting a group of 23 inmigrants, some of them that we thougth to be the group detencted from almeria. A group of 10 people tried to avoid the leaving of the police`s vans going lying on the road, but we were fastly evicticted and forged to leave the place.

To 11.30 a.m. we made a demo and a big call to the media and people. We did some different actions (a boy hanged in a tree wiht a banner saying deported, and a group of 25 people staying on the road interrupting traffic) to allow the police atention since 2 people were chained theirselves to the door of the detention center. minutes later the rest of the group were runing to this door and we made all together a human chain. At this moment a lot of media were fortunalely there and police repression looked not to be really hard.

We were evicted without any hard wounded and we were going pacificly at home, and suddenly a group of police went to 2 compaigners (nico and kepa) to arrest them since they beated all the people that were trying to avoid the detenction. They bring them inside the detenction center. at this moment the inmigrants lawyer was inside and she saw how a group of 8 or 10 policemen has been beating brutally these two activist, specially to nico.
She was inmediately expulsed from the detention center. Nico was telling us what kind of politic agression they gave him. Nico and kepa has been arrested 24 hours. They have been acused to beat
police and we are waiting the results of the justice palace. We think they are not going to have problems because we had all the time the media there and some of them accord to declare about the ilegal detention. We have all of this recorded too .

There has been a really beat to the spanish policy. Some parties of the left wing has solicited declarations to the ministry of interior, and the dimission of the malaga and almeria delegates of the spanish government. We have received a lot of support and calls of all the state groups and people.

Curiously, the deportation of the group of almeria inmigrants was made at the same time that nico and kepa were going out of the justice palace.

So, this kind of brutal repression against fights for dignity of every people is not going to stop us. Now we are going to continue with the campain against the detention center. we need to make a big reflexion about it...but some is almost sure.... this that went not well didn`t depend on us...

we will continue shouting,thinking and building this world we want.

(we are fine now, we forgot the fisic pain when nico and kepa went out... and celebrating that we can win)

malaga, february 1 2002


The complete rejection to the Foreigner Law, and as a consequence the refusal and denunciation of deportations and specially the deportation of 8 migrants that where brutally repressed the past 22nd January in Almeria (south of Spain) and who where imprisoned in Malaga"s Internament Center.
Support and active solidarity to the rest of migrant companions who are imprisoned in Murcia and Valencia (mediterranean area) and have expulsion orders on them.

we denounce the events ocurred last tuesday the 29th on Capuchinos square, where the Internament Center is located, and where 2 young people were beaten up by the police, totally unjustify and afterwards they were hold up by the police.
During the detention, one of our mates was threaten by the police of being deported, he has an italian passport.

Today, 1st of February, our mate has been notified an expulsion in 8 days, even though he is an eu citizen. A massive support campaign has been iniciated, clearly it"s a political manifestation of the events, as well as a repressive political answer done by the PP (right wing party) government, through the police, personified in Carlos Rubio - goverment subdelegate in Malaga.

We ask all the political parties, unions, collectives, social movements, platforms, NGO"s, mass media, and people to show their support.

sending faxes denouncing the criminalization and to close the open expedient of expulsion of our mate Nicol"¡s Eduardo Sguiglia.
Also you can particiapate in the "cacerolazo" (demostration beating pans to make sound) tomorrow Saturday 2nd of February in front of Goverment subdelegate office at 18h.