[ 28. May 2007 ]

Don't send us back to the war!

Event at Trondheim torg (from

March 19, 2007: Some 100 refugees started a symbolic journey along the pilgrimage route from Trondheim to Oslo (648-kilometer) to protest against deportations from Norway to Afghanistan.


There are an estimated 1,900 Afghan refugees in Norway, and the majority have been denied asylum. The march is part of many :: protests against deportations to Afghanistan. For example many refugees staged hunger strikes in 2006.

On May 19, 2007 the pilgrims gathered at about 2 at Trondheim Torg. A large group of people came there because of two things. The Obiora case and the Asylum march. Some activists told about fundamental rights to live and that Norway should not send back people to war.

At 4 p.m. the Asylum march has started. You can follow the progress at, with regular updates, pictures and information in :: norsk :: english and :: farsi.

Press release: 100 Afghans following the pilgrimage route

"Don't send us back to the war"

Afghan refugees are spending every night in fear. Fear of this night will be the day my home is in the Police's list. Fearing that my friends bed will be empty the day after. Just as our home, the safe is not safe either; our excistence, our being and our body belongs to the hidden.

We came to Norway after fleeing from war and persecution in our home country. We ask from you, people of the peaceful and safe Norway, to let us stay here. Until it is safe to return to Afghanistan. This is our hope. A hope we still carry, even though the responsible government has broken all their promises. When the hungerstrike was ended in June last year, the government promised everyone an equal treatment of the cases, where the guidelines from UNHCR should be taken in consideration. This has not been the case, Norwegian government is sending us back to the war: Since the hungerstrike, about 150 Afghans has been deported by force. At the same time, we see that the government allows the we war they want to send us back to, is getting worse.

In fear of being the next, many of us is now living a hidden life, fleeing in and from Norway. About a hundred of us will walk a march from Trondheim to Oslo. Our path will be the old pilgrimage route, and our prayer this: Don't send us back to the war.

We will start this march in Trondheim on Saturday the 19th, where we will take part of the demonstration against the dropping of the Obiora case, at 14:00. We will then walk from Trondheim at 16:00 and end our march in front of the Norwegian Parliament in the end of June. We hope that many will join us in parts of the march, and take part of events along the route, and take part in the discussion about what point of view Norway should have to the gruesome war in our home country. Does the Norwegian people think it is right to send people back to war? Again we reach out our hand, and hope that the Norwegian politicans will listen to the UN's guidelines which is saying it is not safe to deport refugees back to Afghanistan.

18th of May, 2007.
Afghan Refugee Commitee