[ 15. Apr 2008 ]

Mexicanos Sin Fronteras protests against police beatings on Southern border

Protest at Mexican Embassy against police beatings on Southern border

On Monday, April 14, 2008, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras staged a protest at the Mexican Embassy (in the U.S.) against the Calderon government's vicious police campaign to stop Central American from crossing into Mexico.


The Mexican government correctly denounces US mass roundups of immigrants and lethal border control policies. However, the Mexican government employs US-style tactics on its own border with Guatamala, with beatings and worse apparently beoing commonplace.

This sort of utter hypocrisy led Mexicanos Sin Fronteras to show up at the Mexican embassy demanding that Mexican President Calderon and the government show the same consideration for Central American migrants that they are demanding the US show for Mexican immigrants.

Protesters compared Calderon to Somoza and to Pinochet for the brutality in one chant, and called him a "Republican" in another. At least the staff at the embassy was willing to accept the group's letter, but we'll see if they ever act on it.

Article from WSQT Guerrilla Radio 88.1 FM, published first on 14. Apr 2008 @ ::