[ 14. Jun 2008 ]

Protest on June 21 in Vienna: Against Borders, Prisons and Repression

our solidarity against repression

On May 21, many apartments, houses and offices in Austria were searched by the police, 10 activists are still in jail! Call for protest on June 21, 2008 in Vienna!


On May 21, 2008 24 apartments, houses, and offices were stormed and searched by special forces of the police (WEGA) throughout Austria. Some people were awoken in their beds with weapons drawn on them. The grounds for the house searches is the accusation of formation of a criminal organization according to §278a. Specific allegations have still not been brought against individual persons.

10 activists have been detained for weeks and are still in jail!

We declare our solidarity with the imprisoned and want to show that, no matter how long the detainments and repression last, the support from outside will not end! We will demonstrate to lend a voice to our solidarity with the prisoners and our anger against the state repression apparatus.

We want to make clear that we do not need an occasion like the present one to know that repression is an intrinsic part of the daily praxis of the state of Austria.

The fates of those such as :: Seibane Wague, :: Marcus Omofuma and :: many others who lost their lives during operations of the Austrian police must never be forgotten.

What appear to be tragic isolated cases must be understood as the corresponding logic of the Austrian state, which is namely racist, homophobic, sexist or simply against all those who desired or undesired evade state control. Those supposed isolates cases simply represent the pinnacle of a system of repression against ?difficult? persons and minorities.

Today we show are solidarity with all those who are confronted with state repression in all its various forms. It does not matter whether we are talking about the politically organized left in France and Germany, which is being criminalized through the use of "terrorism paragraphs," animal rights activists who are being held in prison in Austria because of their engagement for animal rights, people who have been confronted with surveillance and spying, immigrants and the unemployed, who are harassed by state officials or asylum seekers who are confronted with repression almost everywhere in the world, often in the form of torture, deportation jails and deportation itself. Repression knows no boundaries, solidarity doesn't need any.

Only a few have been directly targeted - but we are all intended targets!
*Abolish all "criminalization paragraphs" like the Austrian §278a and the German §129a/b!
*Immediate closing of all deportation jails!
*Unlimited right to stay for everyone!
*The immediate release of all political prisoners!
*Disbandment of the WEGA!


Demonstration: Sat, June 21, 2008
Meeting point: 3 p.m. Uhlplatz, 1080 Vienna
(near metro stop U6 Josefstädterstraße)