[ 24. Aug 2008 ]

Day without Deportations - Let's Paralyse the Deportation System!

make deportations impossible

Direct actions, blockades, demonstrations for making the deportation system history. Join the DAY WITHOUT DEPORTATIONS on August 30, 2008 with your own action.


Around August, the 30th, 2008, we will block, violate, prevent all over Germany and Austria. Our protest is tended against the brutality of the deportation system, against the system of migration control, against the combination of sealing "Fortress Europe" off from migrants and regulating migration in accordance with the possibility of profitable exploitation of a part of the migrants.

We rather insist on the right to move, on the right to stay, on freedom of movement. We pledge our solidarity with the haunted, the illegalized, the exploited - with all those people who reach to migrate to another country on the search of better living conditions.

We paralyse the deportation system - with actions near deportation prisons and "Lagern", at Ausländerbehörden, at airports and deportation profiteers - at all agents of racist treatment and control of people.

We pledge our solidarity with all people fighting for their right to stay, struggling against the reality of racist laws, preventing deportations, taking their right of free movement. With the local action-day, we join allday struggles for dignity and rights.

We will throw a spanner in the works with demonstrations, blockades, visits of agencies and creative actions. Therewith we want to point the view on the inhumanity of immigration control, on racist harassment and attacks of agencies, police and Nazis and on the discrimination through special laws like Residenzpflicht, Abschiebehaft and the Lagersystem.

Join the
with your own action
for making the deportation system history!

Those who want to stay should have the right to!
Those who want to come should have the right to!
Equal rights and freedom of movement for all!